Kim’s Plan for Edmonton

My vision for Edmonton is rooted in a recognition of our vast potential, and will be guided by three key questions: How can we improve? How can we innovate? And how can we help you?

It’s a vision bold in its simplicity: this is about common-sense innovation. It’s about getting back to basics and focusing on the things that matter most right now.

I want to hear from you.


I’ve spent the last several months meeting with Edmontonians from all backgrounds and sectors so that I can better understand your priorities.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share their ideas and perspectives on how we can move Edmonton forward together. I’ve learned a lot. And I’ll spend the rest of this campaign and my time in office, if elected, continuing to listen and learn, and building on the platform framework that you’ll find below.

My commitment to you is that my plan for our city will be a balanced one, anchored by the principles of collaboration, consensus-building, and empowerment.  And then, we will get to work. A plan is only good if we fulfil it. Together.


Over the last several months, I’ve been working with my team and Edmontonians from across the city to build a platform to share with you. But let’s be real, no platform can anticipate everything our City and Council will face in the next four years, especially as we work to recover from this pandemic. 

My balanced and bold vision for Edmonton is one rooted in its vast potential. I know that a prosperous city is one where every Edmontonian can build a life and see a future.

I know the economy is top of mind for Edmontonians right now. After a year and a half of COVID-induced uncertainty, on the heels of what was already a challenging economic time in our province, many of our fellow residents are having a tough time making ends meet.

One of our City government’s basic responsibilities is delivering the core services every Edmontonian needs and expects. It’s not sexy, and so it’s often overlooked, but cutting the grass in your neighbourhood park, upgrading the roads and sidewalks on your street, and removing your garbage and recycling are all things that have an impact on how you experience your life in our city.

Every Edmontonian should feel like they have a home in our city. But ensuring the right supports are available for our most vulnerable residents is a complex issue. And we need to be real: we’re not going to fix homelessness tomorrow.