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Leadership Commitments

Over the last several months, I’ve been working with my team and Edmontonians from across the city to build a platform to share with you.

But let’s be real, no platform can anticipate everything our City and Council will face in the next four years, especially as we work to recover from this pandemic. What you really need to know is who I am, and what you can expect from me as your Mayor, the leader of our city.

Here are my top four leadership commitments.

1. Transparency and Accountability

I’m proud of my track record of transparency and accountability while on City Council, and I will continue to live by these values as your Mayor. I will lead by example to set this standard for Council and Administration. We may not always agree, but you’ll always know where I stand and why.

I have a long-standing reputation of being a straight-shooter and standing by what I know is right. I did it when I pushed for the decommissioning of our expensive trolley system. I did it when I advocated for a self-sustaining investment in our downtown core and new arena. I did it when I led the development of the neighborhood renewal program that is still improving our city today. And I did it when I put my election on the line for the municipal airport closure, which was the right thing to do for Edmonton taxpayers, and made buildings like Stantec Tower possible in our downtown.

This is who I am.

As I’ve been looking at ways to implement transparency and accountability as a standard for our city government, I noticed that it can be difficult to follow the trail of key government decisions.

An essential part of transparency and accountability is the availability of information to our voting public. I have two simple but bold ideas about how we can make it easier for you to see what’s happening in real time:

  • First, we need to use our city website more effectively, enhance its functionality, and make it easier for you to find the information you need.
  • Second, we need a clear and easy way to let you know what items are coming before City Council so you can track City Council decisions on the issues that matter to you. It’s also important for you to be able to easily find the voting record of your Mayor and Council—without poring over Council meeting minutes—so you can better hold us to account.

2. Collaboration and Teambuilding

Throughout my career—in politics, with my businesses, and with my volunteer initiatives—I have a record of finding solutions by bringing the full range of stakeholders together so all concerns and views can be heard. This is how we arrive at balanced solutions to the problems we face.

There are three ways I will formalize this approach as your leader:

  • First, I will meet with each Councillor to understand their perspectives and priorities, and those of their residents. I’ll create opportunities for us to connect outside our Council work, so we are approaching the problems that face our city as a team, because ultimately, the success of our new Council will depend on our ability to work together. That doesn’t mean we’ll always agree, but this will help us build connections so we can find common ground and get the very best for our city.
  • Second, I will implement standing monthly community roundtables so that I can continue the listening and learning that I have been doing throughout this campaign. It is our community organizations, leaders, and active citizens who have the insight your government needs to solve problems so we can move our city forward together. We need an open forum so your Mayor can hear directly from you.
  • Third, I’ll complete a full review of current standing council committees and governance to make sure the system is working and making the best use of our Councillors’ time and knowledge.

3. Fiscal and Tax Management

I know this is top of mind for many Edmontonians right now. As we emerge from the pandemic, many residents and businesses are struggling to make ends meet. At the same time, constrained government budgets are expected to get even tighter, and we’ll all be asked to do more with less.

We need a balanced and realistic approach to the management of our city’s books.

We need data-driven decision-making.

And yes, we’ll need to make some tough choices.

My track record on all of these things speaks for itself—one I would continue to build on as your next Mayor.

So how do we navigate all of this?

  • First, we need to hold the line on taxes. I will commit to hold the line on taxes at 0% for year one and at most 0% in year two of my term. During this time, we will complete a thorough review of our residential and non-residential tax rates. We’ll need this time, as Edmontonians continue to recover from the pandemic, in order to get a clear and full picture of the health of our tax base.  Edmonton is at risk of becoming the hole in the donut as the tax rates of surrounding communities draw our businesses and residents. We must stay competitive. The economic health of our entire region depends on it.
  • Second, we need a full review of our municipal spending so we can make sure our spending priorities are aligned with your priorities, and that they are responsible, achievable and responsive to market conditions.
    • For example, we need to look at every approved capital project that does not have a fixed price contract to determine what’s feasible given sky-high commodity prices.
    • We also need to look at what businesses the City is in, and if we belong there, or if some services are better and more efficiently provided by the private sector.
    • We need to examine what opportunities exist with our city-owned real estate.
  • Third, it’s time to get creative on municipal funding. Municipal governments have the fewest revenue levers to pull while providing the bulk of your day-to-day services. What can we do to fill the gap? And how do we share funding across sectors in an equitable and impactful way?
    • We need to incentivize the right approaches from our funding recipients.
    • We need to establish a clear and transparent rating system for outcomes.
    • We need to reward those organizations that are collaborating and coordinating to deliver the best outcomes for our limited tax dollars.

4. An Inclusive Mayor For An Inclusive City

I know the path to prosperity in our city means ensuring that all Edmontonians can have a home, build a life and see a future here. In every discussion, as we tackle every challenge, you need a Mayor who asks: Who are we excluding? Who else do we need to hear from?

I know the City of Edmonton has a robust Inclusion and Diversity policy. Over the next four years, it will be up to our Mayor and Council to make sure that those actions are being taken and that we’re achieving these important objectives.

Your city government plays a key role in bringing communities together and finding new ways to remove barriers and promote inclusivity.

  • I will continue to support the Mayor’s Pride Breakfast, bring back the all-faith Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, and look for other opportunities to bring people together in the spirit of unity.
  • We’ll need to continue to improve diversity on our City boards. Board governance education can be expensive and, frankly, out of reach for many dedicated and active citizens. The City can help remove this barrier to entry by providing affordable and accessible board governance training.

As you head to the polls to have your voice heard and choose Edmonton’s next Mayor, I hope my leadership commitments resonate with you, and help you understand who I am, what I stand for, and how I’ll lead our great city.

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