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A Vibrant and Connected City

My balanced and bold vision for Edmonton is one rooted in its vast potential. I know that a prosperous city is one where every Edmontonian can build a life and see a future. A prosperous city is a vibrant and connected city.

I’m done with Edmonton being a best-kept-secret. Let’s be real about who we are, but be bold about all we have to offer. Let’s spread the word far-and-wide about all the things that make Edmonton a great place to call home.

My Connecting Edmonton Strategy is a multi-pronged approach that will take Edmonton from best-kept-secret to well-known-fact.

It will:

  1. Connect our residents to new jobs, new ideas, new ways of thinking and living by becoming a city testbed for innovation.
  2. Put Edmonton on the global map by incorporating local innovation and technology into everything we do.
  1. Make Edmonton a net attractor for remote workers by highlighting the second-to-none quality of life our city offers.
  2. See Edmonton rank top 5 for innovative cities in Canada and top 100 in the world within the next decade.

To get there, we will:

  1. Launch a collaborative For Edmonton campaign that connects local investors with exciting local investment opportunities, removing barriers and bridging gaps.
  2. Continue to enhance one of our greatest assets: North America’s largest contiguous river valley system, with environmental stewardship at the forefront. It’s critical that we preserve this urban yet expansive green space while improving its accessibility and usability at specific locations with minimal disruption, such as Louise McKinney Park, to help harness and elevate this unique intersection of city living and natural wonder.
  1. Better connect Edmontonians to each other, and to the organizations and activities they’re looking for.
    • A YEG Connect app will bring newcomers and current residents together, strengthening access to communities, information, services, and supports.
    • We’ll find new, innovative ways to better curate all the things happening across our diverse arts and culture scene, fostering creative partnerships so Edmontonians can find the right experiences.
      • We’ll work proactively with businesses to sponsor event ticket packages to remove cost barriers and add incentives for employees.
    • We will pursue a project with our federal and provincial partners and local archives to develop a digital historical tour throughout the city that includes pre-colonial history.

We have so much to be proud of in Edmonton.

Let’s build on this strong foundation. Let’s build a vibrant and connected city.

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