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We Need to Get Real on Capital Projects

Our city faces difficult times, and we need a leader who can inspire hope for our city’s future with a bold and balanced approach to economic recovery—and our City’s books.

As a leader with both experience at City Hall and in business, like you I’ve ridden the boom-and-bust rollercoaster in Edmonton. And I’ve never been afraid to ask tough, data-driven questions in an effort to find consensus around the table and best meet Edmonton’s needs within the context of our reality. I also know that there are times for governments to be prudent, and times when they need to act swiftly and decisively.

As we navigate economic and pandemic recovery, there’s a need for our city government to act swiftly when it comes to capital projects. At the moment, prices for commodities such as lumber, steel and concrete are increasing at an alarming rate.

And while commodity prices increase, governments around the world are rolling out massive capital infrastructure programs to help bolster economic recovery from the global pandemic.

I’m concerned that Edmonton could be in a tough spot. Massive price hikes and supply challenges for key building materials could mean capital projects aren’t done on time and on budget—or worse, that we start projects we can’t finish because we simply run out of money.

Given these market conditions, we need to get real.

Any actions taken to support economic recovery need to be thoughtful and sustainable. And that means doing the right thing today—not after the municipal election. So, the question I have for our Mayor and City Council is: what steps are being taken to set us up for sustainable economic recovery? Is due diligence being done by reviewing capital projects that do not have fixed price contracts so we’re protecting taxpayers against ballooning project costs or unfinished projects? Our City needs a leader who is prepared to ask these kinds of tough and important questions so we can work together to move Edmonton forward.

Now more than ever, Edmontonians needs a leader who brings a balanced and bold vision for our city—one grounded in reality that’s sustainable over the long term.

I am that leader. I am Kim Krushell, and I am for Edmonton.