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We Need Optimism

By now, you’ve heard me say that the foremost reason I’m returning to politics is because I care. About Edmonton. About Edmontonians. About our future. I’m for Edmonton.

While there’s no doubt that our city will face difficult times ahead, we need to be optimistic. And we need a leader who embodies that optimism, one who can inspire hope for our city’s future with a bold and balanced approach to recovery and growth. That means inspiring hope in our community so families envision Edmonton as a city where they can build their lives and their futures.

Inspiring hope. For families. All families.

So how do we do this? How do we embolden our youth as the next generation of Edmontonians? How do we create ways for them to grow, ensuring that residents from east to west, north to south, people from all walks of life see a future in our city? How do we support our local businesses, empower our City Administration’s calculated risk-takers, and cultivate a client-service culture in our City that gets things done? As an entrepreneur in the tech sector, I can tell you change is coming. And it can be scary. But it also offers new and exciting opportunities—if we have the courage to seize them.

I’m a true optimist at heart. So, I can see that our future has vast potential. But in order to deliver this future—the one you and generations-to-come deserve—we need to be bold, we need to be creative, and we need to harness our collective talent so that we can move our city forward together.

I am Kim Krushell, and I am for Edmonton.