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We Need Edmonton Swagger

I moved to Edmonton 28 years ago to be with my now-husband Jay. It didn’t take me long to realize that we would choose to make Edmonton our home. It was the place we wanted to build our lives.

Like you, there are lots of reasons I love this city. I love our festivals, our diversity, and our strong sense of community. But most of all, I love Edmonton because of the people. What makes Edmonton so special is all of you.

As you’ll hear me say time and again, my vision for Edmonton is rooted in its vast potential. And while I’m excited about how I can work with all community partners to leverage everything our city has to offer in the future, I think we overlook and underestimate everything we have to be proud of today.

As Edmontonians, we need to be bold. It’s time for our city to have more swagger; time for us to brag about all we have accomplished, all we have to offer, all the ways we elevate our hometown businesses and organizations—the countless reasons Edmontonians from all walks of life have chosen to put down roots here.

It’s time for Edmonton to stop being a best-kept secret. It’s time we start broadcasting to the world what we know to be true: our city is one of the finest places to live in North America.

Maclean’s recognized it just this year, ranking Edmonton the 5th best place to live in Canada. And I know you, like me, recognize it too. Every time we get to step away from busy urban life by stepping into our river valley right in the heart of our city. Every time we peruse our local shops on Whyte Ave, or downtown, or 124 Street, or Alberta Ave. When we pick a new restaurant from our diverse and vibrant food scene. When we see thousands of fellow residents showing up in the dead of winter to support the Flying Canoe Festival, or hitting the Heritage Festival in August, or the Fringe, or Folk Fest. When we see non-profits of all kinds exceed their fundraising or donation drive goals because Edmontonians are some of the most generous and community-minded people out there.

So, as I look ahead at the opportunity to be your next Mayor and think about what we need to do to build a bright future for our residents, I’m wondering what holds us back.

Why are we so humble, so hesitant to shout all this from the rooftops? How can your city’s leaders do a better job of showcasing everything Edmonton does and everything it has? And how can your Mayor lead the charge on this front?

It’s time for some boosterism, some bold declarations of just how great our city is, and some new and creative ways of getting that message out there. And I’m here for it.

I am Kim Krushell, and I am for Edmonton.