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My Commitment to Keep Edmonton Moving

We’ve all heard the joke: “Edmonton has two seasons—winter and construction season.” Like you, I’ve seen heavy construction and delayed projects become part of our DNA, part of Edmonton’s identity.

Edmonton continues to grow, and that means we need new construction and ongoing infrastructure maintenance. This is good news. It helps us keep pace with the demands of an expanding population and creates well-paying jobs that support our city’s progress. However, when mismanaged, construction can actually be harmful to local communities, businesses, and our standard of living. And frankly, we experience the mismanagement of some of our major construction projects every time we hit the streets in our city. This needs to change. Edmontonians deserve better.

It’s also our City’s responsibility to ensure the free-flowing movement of goods and people. A prosperous city is a connected city—one that makes it as easy and efficient as possible to get from where you are to where you need to be. It’s part of essential local service delivery.

We need to Keep Edmonton Moving. Here’s my three-pronged approach:

Improved construction coordination

  • Municipal utilities and construction companies have worked in silos for too long. As Mayor, I will ensure our transportation and maintenance departments better communicate and coordinate with construction companies on active projects. When we improve the coordination of multiple projects, we can minimize the construction time in your neighbourhood and on our major thoroughfares.

Utilizing new and emerging technology

  • It’s time we harness emerging technologies to improve transit service for our vulnerable citizens. By upgrading DATS technology, we can ensure better tracking and more timely and reliable transportation for our residents.
  • It’s also time we caught up with public transit practices across Canada. As Mayor, I will accelerate the implementation of the electronic fare payment system pilot. Arc, or Smart Fare, is long overdue and a common practice in major cities in Canada and around the world. The lack of easy payment options for public transit creates unnecessary barriers for our current transit users and prohibits growing our ridership.
  • We need to improve traffic light coordination, using local tech to upgrade current systems. Coordinated signal timing synchronizes traffic movements to increase vehicular traffic flow and reduce peak-hour delay. It can be optimized for the slower speeds we need for pedestrian-friendly areas like downtown or in industrial areas in off-peak hours to get you home faster.

Strict benchmarking measures and nighttime construction

  • We’ve all been there: stuck in frustrating traffic gridlock just to drive by a construction site without seeing a single person at work. It’s time to modernize our construction schedule, like so many other cities already do, and consider allowing for evening and weekend construction hours on the right projects so they can get the work done, and we can get our roads back.
  • Construction companies and municipal departments have sometimes played fast and loose with budgets and calendars. As Mayor, I will introduce stricter targets and benchmarking goals at the onset of the construction project. We know, as does our City Administration, that there are current major supply chain issues with high prices or shortages with cement and lumber—factors that need to be considered. However, companies that blow budgets and deadlines for reasons within their control should face penalties.

To Keep Edmonton Moving, we need a leader with a proven-track record of getting things done and finding wins for Edmonton by challenging the status quo. I’ve never been afraid to ask tough questions and push for real, lasting solutions to our problems. I did it as an Executive Assistant to City Councillor Larry Langley when I was on the frontlines helping residents, and continued to do it as an elected City Councillor by collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to find efficiencies and improve outcomes for Edmontonians. I have the know-how and the experience to make sure our city runs on time, so you can too.

I am Kim Krushell, and I am for Keeping Edmonton Moving!