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My Commitment on Climate Action

I know making progress on the climate agenda is a priority for Edmontonians, particularly for our younger generations. I’ve heard from my 21-year-old son that there’s a lot of fear out there right now about what the future holds, particularly when it comes to climate change.

Here's the thing: I don’t think we have a shortage of climate goals, or GHG emissions reductions targets, or promises. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, or set new, ambitious targets. There’s no need for that. I’d say that on the climate change file, current Mayor Don Iveson did a good job of laying all that groundwork.

And so, my climate change commitment to you is one of action.

As North America’s northern-most capital city, our biggest challenge is our geography. As a winter city, there are certain realities about living here that there’s no getting around, like the need to heat our homes. And this challenge is reflected in the stats you can find on the City’s emissions dashboard. In 2019, the single biggest source of GHG emissions, at 63%, was building heat and electricity.

Some of the most important and impactful things we can do to make the difference on climate and GHG emissions are the simple ones. We’re talking about properly insulating our homes. We’re talking about upgrading windows. We’re talking about a capital asset management plan that monitors our aging infrastructure and helps prioritize investing in the right upgrades at the right time to extend the life of our existing buildings while reducing their carbon footprint. And we’re talking about continued support for a functioning multimodal transportation network in our city.

There are specific steps we can take that will help us do our part on climate change and GHG emissions reduction deliberately incorporated into my core platform pillars. I’ve done it this way because I truly believe that the key to making a change for the better comes down to the things we do on a daily basis.

One of the things I learned when I was on Council was that rather than aiming for perfection, we’ll see better and more meaningful progress by focusing on the 80% that’s within reach for most people. We need to make “being green” easy and accessible for Edmontonians to build into their daily lives.

As part of my plan for climate action, I will:

  • Commit to the April 2021 Energy Transition Action Plan.
  • Explore how certain levels of grey water can be used for household services.
  • Collaborate with regional partners to build a wildfire mitigation strategy for our river valley. Wildfires are both a symptom of climate change, and a devastating source of emissions. We need to leverage drone technology and other strategies so that we can limit the impact of wildfires in the short-term while we work to limit their root causes in the future.
  • Partner with federal and provincial governments to continue to upgrade our busses to an electric fleet, as part of my plan to transition Edmonton to an electric vehicle future.
  • Sustain the neighbourhood renewal program—a program I started when on Council—which helps slow urban sprawl through key upgrades to our older neighbourhoods when they need them.
  • Ensure infill remains a viable and sustainable option.
  • My Main Streets Downtown Strategy, which includes the use of innovative lighting technology that achieves dark sky requirements. Not only does this limit our light pollution, it will also reduce our energy consumption.
  • Work with developers to create community hubs and offer more multi-family and generational housing options across our city to support continued densification and 15-minute neighbourhoods.
  • Partner with EPCOR on key flood mitigation initiatives.
  • Engage the private sector on the Blatchford Development so that we can see it achieve its green and clean tech objectives and eliminate the burden to the taxpayer.
  • We need common sense and action on this file, not ideological declarations. We need a Mayor and Council who will take the plan we have, measure the outcomes, and adjust as needed to improve effectiveness based on what the data tells us. Leadership isn’t about making promises, it’s about getting results.

    A vote for me is a vote for real climate action in Edmonton.