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Building For an EV Future

A vibrant city is a connected city—and that means connecting Edmontonians to the resources they need to keep pace with important trends and emerging technologies.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are on track to revolutionize the auto market. Major car manufacturers have committed to going all-electric within the next 10 to 15 years. So, how do we make sure Edmonton is ready for this transition?

If elected Mayor, I will ensure our city is building today for the EV boom of tomorrow by:

  1. Expanding the number of electric vehicle charging stations available to the public by accelerating the installation of charging stations at city facilities.
  2. Accelerating the introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles into the municipal fleet by ensuring new fleet vehicles, where practical, are electric or hybrid.
  3. Reopening and expanding the City of Edmonton EV Charger Rebate program to reduce the cost to residents and businesses of installing EV charging stations.
  4. Reviewing our current grid capacity and prioritizing investment in its modernization to ensure our city is prepared to meet the energy demands of the future.
  5. Bringing key stakeholders together to explore energy outlet requirements for new multi-family and community developments.

To create a city where all Edmontonians can build a life and see a future—one that leverages our tremendous strengths to attract and retain top talent, and takes Edmonton from a best-kept-secret to well-known-fact—we need to stay ahead of the curve. We need sustainable and forward-looking urban design. And we need to plan today for the energy and technology needs of tomorrow.